A Freelance Definition

Freelancing Myths / Friday, January 5th, 2018

In this post, I want to answer some of the most common questions I’m asked about my career. We’ll start with a freelance definition and go from there.

Freelance Definition

I, personally, am a freelance writer. But the freelance definition has a much broader scope. I work closely with a variety of clients on projects like eBooks, blog posts, marketing sequences, eCourses, news articles, and novellas. A freelancer may do a number of other things, including videography, photography, research, and translation. The concept of freelancing is similar to the concept of being a solopreneur. You work from home, for yourself, with clients who appreciate your skills.

How Do You Find Work?

I spend several hours each month applying to postings on Craigslist, Upwork, and a number of other platforms. Once you know where to look (and what you’re looking for), it isn’t too difficult to sift through the spam to find real opportunities. I also work with clients from my “base” – the people I’ve become close with over the years.

Is Freelancing Easier Than “Real” Jobs?

No. The most common misconception associated with freelancing is that it isn’t a “real job.” Freelancing involves an intense number of hours both working and looking for new clients, a high level of stress, constant financial vigilance, and (most importantly) a marketable skill or talent.

Is Freelancing Like Other “Stay-At-Home” Jobs?

I’m usually asked this question by stay-at-home mothers or fathers. The truth of the matter is anyone can make part-time money online if they have enough determination, whether through surveys or administrative work or data entry.

But this isn’t what I do. Freelancing has more specialized requirements. It isn’t easy money. While it will, someday, allow me to take on a stronger role in my children’s lives, it’s very much a demanding, talent-oriented career.

I love my job because it allows me to see the world, make my own schedule, and control my own life. But I have to give something back in return. In my personal opinion, being a freelancer is much harder, and more demanding, than working in a newsroom.

I am an entrepreneur. This is my business. My name is my brand. And I don’t get to clock out at the end of the day. I have clients. I have phone conferences and collaborations and deadlines. It’s far, far different than just making money online. So, when you ask for the freelance definition, the answer is more complex than working from home.

How Well Does Freelancing Pay?

It pays extremely well when you do it right. I make more than more than most twenty-somethings I know. I also work more hours and put a stronger emphasis on my career than most twenty-somethings I know. That’s the trade-off.

Can I Freelance?

Are you a skilled and dedicated? Do you have the motivation to push yourself without being told? If so, then yes. You can make a living as a freelancer.

I created Realistic Freelancers because I want other dreamers, other solopreneurs, to come forward and learn more about what freelance careers entail.

What’s the freelance definition? It’s the future.

Cassandra Bondie


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